We aim to become a leading supplier of services within the field of electro-automation and consultancy services.
Through close working relationships with our customers and suppliers, we aim to develop and supply innovation and reliable products, systems and services.
We dare to make the choices required in order to develop better and more sustainable solutions for our customers.

Work With Us

There are no new openings at this time.
Please check back later, or feel free to contact us with a job inquiry.

We aim to develop and supply innovative and reliable products,systems and services.

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We deliver innovative solutions and services through defined and quality-tested workflows.

HSE & Quality

HSE Policy

No-one shall be injured as a result of Level groups activities, and the environmental impact kept to an absolute minimum.

Quality Policy

Quality in all activities. Level shall exceed customer requirements, needs and expectations. We shall be our clients’ preferred partner, earned through high levels of professionalism combined with excellent business ethics.

Our team

Helge Stava
CEO | Partner

+47 906 07 120

Stig Blomseth
LEVEL Power & Automation

+47 905 96 162

Arvid Førland
Marin Elektro

+47 412 08 985

Jan Kåre Helvik
LEVEL Solutions

+47 977 90 510

Tor Arne Egeland
LEVEL Personal

+47 404 44 034

Geir Danielsen
LEVEL Prosjekt

+47 992 51 402

Tiina Vormestrand
LEVEL Mathuset

+47 958 16 603

Jan Inge Kvilhaugsvik
LEVEL Audiovision / Sales Engineer

+47 976 40 004

John Martin Bastholm
Sales Engineer

+47 922 28 424

Arild Udstuen Hovden

+47 905 56 878

Inge Raymond Langhelle
LEVEL Industri

+47 459 17 332

Ole-Christian Olsen Apeland
LEVEL Kompetanse

+47 480 27 498